Technology Partners

A technical network for assured quality.

Technology Partners

KERN-LIEBERS is a member of numerous national and international associations, working groups and development associations.


Associations provide a platform for the exchange of technical experience, for ongoing education and training, and for research and development. We actively participate in research projects implemented by associations.

VDMA, a German engineering association, uses statistical analysis in an attempt to bring transparency to the complex flows of goods in the mechanical engineering industry and its suppliers. KERN-LIEBERS is an active contributor to its textile machinery association.

In local networks too, such as the Technology Mountains initiative by the Baden-Wuerttemberg Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to active participation in the exchange of information with partner companies.

In addition, KERN-LIEBERS is committed to numerous support organizations at colleges and universities, initiating projects and promoting cooperation between education, research and industry at the universities of Darmstadt, Ilmenau, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, the colleges of applied sciences in Furtwangen, Horb and Offenburg, and ITV Denkendorf, Germany's largest center of textile research.

Internationally, we also work with local institutions to promote emerging young talent, an example of which is the collaboration between KERN-LIEBERS (TAICANG) Co. Ltd., China with Jiao Tong University Shanghai.

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Institut für Textil- und Verfahrenstechnik (ITV)