Trends come and go we at KERN-LIEBERS Textile have followed only one trend for decades: The development of ultramodern solutions for textile machines which function reliably. One needs experience and drive to continuously set new standards in technology. That's what we're made of. That makes us a strong partner.

Constant Progress

At KERN-LIEBERS Textile today, we are already working on the technologies of the future - and ensure that our customers are always a step ahead. We constantly try new processes, procedures and materials in order to offer you the best possible quality.

We not only derive stimulus from our business partners, but also the enormous innovation power of the entire KERN-LIEBERS Group.

Combined skills

Four specialists with many years of experience - KERN-LIEBERS Knitting Parts, Saxonia Textile Parts, the Bayerische Nadelleistenfabrik Paul Leistner as well as the Sächsische Nadel- und Platinenfabriken all belong to KERN-LIEBERS Textile. Our extraordinarily broad range offers our customers products which fulfill nearly all needs, in addition to a global service network.

Employees worldwide

Employees worldwide



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