Heat & Surface Treatment

We can offer you a wide range of hardening and surface treatment processes

Surface Treatment

We can offer you a wide range of surface treatment processes – and we are competent, reliable and innovative.


  • Perfect edge rounding (even on narrow part sections)
  • Optimally smoothed surface

Oiling and greasing

  • Corrosion protection

Steel and ceramic shot peening

  • Surface hardening
  • Deburring

Tumbling / barrel finishing

  • Deburring
  • Polishing


  • De-oiling and degreasing before heat treatment
  • De-oiling and degreasing before delivery
  • Removal of dirt and chips

Cleaning media

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Aqueous media

Cleaning aids

  • Wash basket movement (raising, lowering, swiveling and rotating)
  • (Pressure) flooding or spraying of the medium
  • Ultrasonic

Cleanliness inspection

  • Visual inspection (microscope)

At KERN-LIEBERS Textile, we consider tumbling technology to be one of our core skills. That's why we have many options for the vibratory finishing of knitting machine parts at our disposal – the right system for every part geometry, and the right medium for every requirement.

Delicate yarns such as multifilament yarns require perfect rounding in the jack area to protect against capillary breaks. Properties that can only be achieved with our G-rounding process.

Critical components for knitting machines with stamped springs or other bending stresses are always at risk of breaking. The innovative combination of different vibratory finishing techniques prevents the concentration of critical stresses at areas with a high bending stress.