Components for crochet machines


Long a synonym for quality, SAXONIA has been a leading international supplier of parts and components for crochet machines for many years now. We are a full-service provider of patent stamped and wire needles, cranked sliding needles, thread guides and eyelet needle holders.


  • Manufacture of guide needles, patent needles, pattern guides, and guide needle blocks to the highest standards in terms of rounding, dimensional accuracy, repeat accuracy and thickness
  • Perfect stamping technology combined with optimum rounding
  • Patent needles tailored exactly to each application area with high level of stability and uniformity, ensure a consistently high quality and productivity
  • High repeatability and precision due to the quality of the material used, specialized tool systems, and manufacturing processes adapted to the geometry of the warp knitting elements
  • Optimized edge rounding for gentle processing of delicate yarns
  • Extremely wear-resistant through chrome coating and special tempering and coating Technologies


Product group: Crochet

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Mail: kl-textile@kern-liebers.de