Social commitment

We are committed to society, culture and sport.

Social commitment

As one of the largest employers in our region of Germany, we play an active role in shaping our social environment by supporting a range of selected projects.

The KERN-LIEBERS daycare center

Working together with the city of Schramberg, we developed a daycare center, and KERN-LIEBERS made a significant contribution to financing and running it. The goal shared by KERN-LIEBERS and the city of Schramberg is to improve childcare facilities for working people in the area. The service can be used by both KERN-LIEBERS employees and families outside the company.

Cultural and social organizations

KERN-LIEBERS also supports associations and citizen initiatives in the region with funds and resources, and is a member of numerous support organizations for universities and colleges. Of particular interest to us are organizations committed to social improvement, such as the Stiftung St. Franziskus Heiligenbronn, a religious foundation that supports the elderly and dependent, as well as disabled people of all ages. Every year, for example, KERN-LIEBERS apprentices and trainees implement a practical project together with the students at the foundation.

KERN-LIEBERS also supports other charity organizations, such as the "Arco Iris" project dedicated to providing assistance to the street children of Bogotá, Colombia.