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Enlargement of the KERN-LIEBERS Executive Committee

KERN-LIEBERS welcomes Mr. Hannes Steim at headquarters in Schramberg


The Shareholder`s Assembly has decided to implement a new additional position in the KERN-LIEBERS Executive Committee. The new position will be called „Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)" and will report together with the CEO, CFO and CTO to the Supervisory Board.

This decision is a direct result from this years strategic discussion in the Supervisory Board and in the Shareholder´s Assembly. The company has the goal to realize a profitable growth of at least + 6% per year. This objective is in line with the company´s CAGR during the last 20 years with a share of 60% in Automotive. Due to the expected significant reduction in automotive market growth rates and the slow down of growth perspectives in the automotive power train based on internal combustion engines it will be crucial for KERN-LIEBERS to identify new business opportunities and segments in order to make sure that KERN-LIEBERS is not falling into a strategic growth trap.

The newly created position will comprise four areas of responsibility:

  • Identification of new growth potentials
  • Identification and coordination of M&A-projects and strategic partnerships
  • Coordination of sales activities and –strategies on group level
    (including responsibility for the Account-Manager-Organisation)
  • Further development of business opportunities in the NAFTA Region

The Shareholder`s Assembly has decided in its meeting on June 17th, 2018 to promote Hannes Steim, currently President & CEO of the NAFTA Region, into the described position effective on July 1st, 2018.

Hannes Steim has served 12 years in the KERN-LIEBERS Group, of which he acted as Managing Director of Carl Haas for 7 years. During the last 3 years he was responsible as President & CEO for the Northamerica Region of KERN-LIEBERS.  

Furthermore we are glad to inform you that Peter Mendel, currently CEO of Putzmeister America Inc. will assume responsibility as the CEO of the KERN-LIEBERS Northamerica Region as of June 19th, 2018. Peter Mendel started his career in the KERN-LIEBERS Group in 1997. He spent 10 years for KERN-LIEBERS in the Northamerica Region and worked for Putzmeister USA during the last 3 years.

Both gentlemen will have an overlapping time until mid of July 2018.