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Press Release FY 2021/2022

Difficult fiscal year in a challenging market environment



For the KERN-LIEBERS Group of Companies, the last fiscal year, ending in June, was very demanding. The company achieved a turnover of EUR 752 million, representing a growth of approx. 2% compared to the previous year (EUR 734 million). The increase is mainly driven by exchange rate effects and sharp rises in raw material prices, which were partly passed on to customers.

“The last fiscal year was yet again marked by challenging conditions. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the semiconductor shortage, fragile supply chains and skyrocketing raw material and energy costs are placing a growing strain on the company,” says CEO Dr. Erek Speckert.

“I have to say thank you to all our employees worldwide. Only by their high level of commitment and flexibility were we able to get through these times of fragile market environments and disturbing, global political developments”, adds Dr. Speckert.

In the past fiscal year, the group invested almost EUR 32 million in new projects and machinery, maintaining its investment ratio at the previous year’s level of approx. 4%. The investments made mainly focused on electric mobility and specific market segments in the general industry.

Regarding the financial outlook, KERN-LIEBERS is cautious and, given the geopolitical risks, escalating cost burdens and potential bottlenecks in energy supply, is not publishing a forecast at this point.

The transformation in the automotive industry will continue to increase the pressure for change in almost all areas of the company. Hence, KERN-LIEBERS will continue its strategy of modernization in the coming fiscal year.

The KERN-LIEBERS group currently employs 6,980 people around the world, including 3,260 in Germany, 1,130 at the company headquarters in Schramberg-Sulgen.

In addition, KERN-LIEBERS is committed to the training of 113 young people at the Schramberg-Sulgen location, thereof 94 in industrial and 19 in commercial occupations. In addition, apprentices are also trained at the subsidiaries Bohnert and Carl Haas.