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Working together for children with cancer

KERN-LIEBERS and the St. Franziskus Foundation jointly raise money for a good cause


Christmas is a time of joy, especially popular with families and children. Unfortunately, not all children are able to celebrate a carefree Christmas with their friends and families. Amongst them are the about 2.000 children and young people, which are diagnosed with cancer each year in Germany.

In cooperation with the Professional School for People with Sensory Disabilities of the St. Franziskus Foundation in Heiligenbronn, the KERN-LIEBERS training department started a fund-raiser in December 2016 in order to help such children. The collected money went to the Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e. V., a development association for children with cancer.

Fitting for the Christmas season KERN-LIEBERS trainees produced high-quality, bell-shaped nutcrackers. For a small donation, these could be acquired by KERN-LIEBERS employees at a stand on the premises of the Schramberg-based company. The stand was operated jointly by KERN-LIEBERS trainees and students of the St. Franziskus Foundation. The campaign was a full success: a total of about 3.500 € was collected and given to the Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e. V.

The association, founded in Tübingen 34 years ago, is completely financed by public donations and leads several projects with the aim to support children with cancer and their families comprehensively.   

For instance, the association runs houses for parents and families, where family members can live while their children undergo clinical treatment. Here, they can exchange experiences with people in the same situation, but also find peace, and, if needed, professional support  – and all this while being close to their sick children.

KERN-LIEBERS employees personally visited the house for parents in Tübingen and got the chance to talk to an affected family. They were soon convinced by the quality and importance of the project.

The association actively supports the work of the Children‘s Hospital Tübingen by helping financing personnel and the acquisition of medical devices. Further activities include, amongst others, the organization of camps for patients and their siblings, individual and family therapy, as well as psychological support in palliative situations.

Anton Hofmann, director of the Association for Children with Cancer Tübingen e. V. (2nd from left), is thankful for the collected donations.
Andreas Bitzer (Head of Training, KERN-LIEBERS) with KERN-LIEBERS trainees and students of the St. Franziskus Foundation collect donations
KERN-LIEBERS trainees proudly present their donation stand