Ready for the future


Success is no coincidence – it can only be achieved if everybody works together

Our customers:

Customer benefits and customer orientation are what determine our actions. Our solutions help our customers achieve their goals. Only with their trust and satisfaction can we ensure our future in the long term together with our suppliers. That is why we have made it our goal to serve our customers as best we can at all their locations.

Our quality:

Zero defects in all products, processes and services is a prerequisite for the future of our company. Only with defect-free, on-time delivery of our products and impeccable service in all areas can we make our contribution to the zero-defect objective of our customers. Which is why our motto is "Produce quality – don't just test it", a motto followed by our employees at all locations worldwide. Download quality policy

Our solutions:

True to the motto that "progress is the realization of utopias", our curiosity, our imagination and our creativity generate new ideas. We encourage innovation and appreciate the innovative ideas of our business partners as an enrichment. We are open to new processes, methods, materials and approaches. Synergy effects within the group make unexpected solutions possible.

Our group of companies:

As an independent group of companies, we know that the success of the group depends on the performance of each of its members. That's why all companies within the group are committed to the concept of quality associated with the name KERN-LIEBERS. In cultivating our markets, we also value the cultural differences that help to define our locations around the world and give them their distinctive identity.

Our employees:

We build on the loyalty and reliability of our employees. After all, their engagement is an essential factor in our success as a group. We assign clearly defined duties to all employees and encourage self-reliance, initiative and creativity within their area of responsibility. We adhere strictly to our legal obligations with regard to occupational health and safety and take pride in our emergency contingency plans and hazard prevention measures. We support the social commitment of our employees in associations and charitable organizations.

Our knowledge:

In-depth knowledge and expertise and a willingness to undertake ongoing training are indispensable prerequisites for the design and implementation of exceptional solutions. We maintain a comprehensive human resources development program, offer our employees far-reaching qualification measures and encourage the acceptance of responsibility. This strengthens the motivation of our employees and managers with respect to taking on new challenges. The program is designed to promote the personal development and satisfaction of each individual and to ensure that everyone can make their full contribution to their team. Our company ideas management system motivates our people to contribute.

Our integrity:

In our cooperation with customers, suppliers, service providers and social groups, integrity and reliability are our first priority. We see a respectful approach to business partners, employees and resources as a corporate responsibility – throughout the entire group. We make our contribution to society through various commitments at the local and national levels.

Our environment:

Our environment is in need of protection. That's why we're committed to sustainable use of the resources available to us. We have introduced an environmental protection management system, a system we also live by in our daily work. We are also willing to try new and unusual approaches and to have our performance measured. Download environmental policy